Burak Ekin

Hey there! I’m Burak Ekin, a designer, filmmaker and the creative force behind ADMKRS, a dynamic creative agency based in Munich.

In my diverse and fulfilling career in filmmaking, I’ve been fortunate to work at Blind Inc. in Los Angeles. This experience included collaborating with Chris Do, an esteemed and influential leader in the design world Following this, I had the opportunity to contribute at the production company of world-renowned director Michael Bay.

These experiences have not only sharpened my skills but also provided me the unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the most innovative minds in the industry on multi-million dollar productions.

As a creative director and art director, I’ve led and contributed to campaigns for high-profile clients like Microsoft, McDonald’s, Verizon, Warner Brothers, and BMW. My approach blends innovative storytelling with a keen eye for design, ensuring each campaign resonates with its audience and exceeds client expectations.

At ADMKRS, my team and I use our extensive experience to create standout social advertising solutions. We’re passionate about crafting engaging stories and visually impactful designs. I’m personally committed to pushing the envelope in digital design, ensuring each project is both unique and memorable.